XCMG's two self-made milling wheels achieve mass production and break import dependence

Recently, the XM101/XM50 milling machines independently developed by XCMG Zhulu have achieved volume production, breaking the reliance on imported products and significantly reducing costs.
The development of the milling wheel is one of the core technologies of the milling machine. For a long time, the XM series XM series of milling machines purchased the products of a certain metal company in the United States as a whole. The high cost has restricted the profitability of the products. Since August last year, Xugong Road has devoted a lot of energy to the research of milling wheels, adopting a new type of cutter head helical arrangement to improve the milling and feeding efficiency, improving the force of the edge cutter, reducing the wear of the cutter head, and using welding. The special plane fights the knife holder; improved the milling axle seat's processing technology, guarantees the processing precision and the coaxiality request.
The independently researched and developed milling wheel has smooth milling, low vibration, high road surface flatness, long cutter head service life, and the overall performance is comparable to that of imported milling wheels of the same model, and has been well received by users.
As of October this year, the XM101 milling wheel has produced 41 sets, and the XM50 milling wheel has produced 36 sets, with savings totaling more than 100,000 yuan. (This article is from Xugong)
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