Seventy-year old woman saves money and is robbed by netizens' benevolences to make donations

Seventy-day old woman help save money was robbed friends good faith lie make it accept donations diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-09

At noon on January 8, Nanchang netizens Lengxiong and Du Xingqiang kept busy. Under the supervision of the media, they opened an account to help a poor old lady in Nanchang receive donations from 42 netizens across the country. And all this, the donor is not clear.
In fact, netizens are knitting a beautiful “lie”. They lied to the old lady who had been robbed of 4,200 yuan and desperately needed money to treat the ill-advised family and refused to donate by netizens. The case was broken and the money was recovered and she was ready to hand her over on the 9th to help the elderly overcome difficulties.
4200 yuan to save life money
The old lady is Hu Fuxiu, 77, who lives near the front of the station in Nanchang City. On January 7, she took the 4,200 yuan she had just taken from the bank and walked to the hospital to pay medical expenses to the ill-advised grandchildren. When he reached the Zhongshan Bridge, a cyclist deliberately dropped a stack of money. The old man did not know what to count, and chased the loser and shouted, "Your money is gone." At this time, the man behind him ran away with money.
Seeing that his accomplice ran, the cyclist stopped and said, as he walked towards the old man, “You have taken my 6,000 yuan?” The old man said that the man who ran out of money ran, and the man said that the old man was blind. In order to prove the truth, the old man took out his money and said: "You are 6,000 yuan, I am 4200 yuan." The man grabbed the old man's money and ran away. The old man desperately shouted, but the man quickly disappeared from sight.
The old man cried sadly on the floor crying. At the suggestion of a passerby, the old man reported to the police station. The old man said that 4,200 yuan was a big figure for her. What makes the elderly even more anxious is that heavyweights are waiting for the money to heal.
Hu Fuxiu’s husband died 10 years ago. Her retirement salary is only 1,000 yuan, and she has to deal with hard-won children. Her life is very tight, and she has saved her money for a long time.
Netizens weave beautiful "lies"
On the afternoon of January 7, Leng Xiong, an old man's tenant, was very sad after learning of her experience. He knew the difficulties of the elderly's family and he was worried that the great-grandson of the elderly had no money to heal the illness.
Leng Xiong sent the old man’s experience to Weibo: “An 80-year-old woman usually cooks a dish for three days. The electric light only shines for less than half an hour every night. He was taken away from the Zhongshan Bridge this morning to give him a great son. 4200 yuan for the treatment of the disease, crying for a day without food or drink."
Many netizens reprinted this Weibo. Du Xingqiang, who was engaged in public welfare in Nanchang, saw Weibo and was determined to mobilize netizens to donate money to help the elderly. Afterwards, he got in touch with the unfamiliar Lengxiong. However, Leng Xiong said that one net friend is willing to donate 2,000 yuan to the elderly, but the old man said nothing. The old man said: "We do not want to accept the help of others. We only want the public security department to solve the case and recover its own money."
The elderly do not want to accept the help of netizens. What should I do? Du Xingqiang and other netizens had an inspiration and suggested weaving a beautiful “lie”. At 7 o'clock on the evening of January 7, Du Xingqiang initiated the "42 people, a lie" love activity on Weibo - collecting 42 netizens, each donating 100 yuan, and giving the elderly the police said that the case had been broken. Money has been recovered.
The activity was actively responded to by netizens. By the evening of January 7th, there were 42 netizens signing up for the event. In the early morning of January 8, there were also users in succession. Du Xingqiang hurriedly told Weibo that the event was over. Some netizens expressed emotions on Weibo: “Nanchang is so beautiful tonight, and the winter is so warm tonight. Tonight is not sleepy, and the 77-year-old woman is robbed and angered on the street! She is not sleepless tonight, but is also well-meaning people who help the elderly. Moving!"
Du Xingqiang said that on January 8th, an account was opened at the bank and users who participated in the activity were informed through Weibo. Not long after, there were more than 1,000 donations on the account. Registered netizens stated that they will hit love funds on their accounts after work. Netizens in the field repeatedly explain Nanchang users, we must keep this secret!
On January 8, Lengxig told Yu Fookxiu after work: "Grandma, the case was broken today. Your 4,200 yuan was recovered and the police will send it tomorrow." The old man was very happy after listening. Lengxiong said that on the 9th, they will invite a police officer to the elderly home.
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