Hyundai Heavy Industries and Mitsui will produce ME-GI engines

MAN Diesel & Turbo recently revealed that the two companies in the Far East intend to produce MAN ME-GI two-stroke prototypes. According to MAN, this means that the ME-GI engine is close to commercial production.

Both the Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine and Machinery Division (HHI-EMD) and Mitsui Shipbuilding (MES) said they will carry out temporary conversions of existing production models based on the ME-GI principle to ME-GI models. Correspondingly, Hyundai Heavy Industries plans to convert an 8S70ME-GI engine in November 2012; Mitsui Engineering Shipbuilding announced that it will convert a 6S70ME-GI engine in the second quarter of 2013.

It is reported that the ME-GI engine is a jet, dual-fuel, low-speed diesel engine that will be used as the main propeller of a LNG ship or any other merchant vessel. It can burn gas at any ratio according to the relative cost of the ship's energy and the user's preference. Or fuel. The MES design concept "Double Eco MAX" LNG ship will use two ME-GI engines as the prime mover. Mitsui Engineering said that it can save fuel costs by 30% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Mann Diesel & Turbo sees a significant opportunity to use ME-GI engines for gas-fueled vessels due to rising fuel prices and increased emission limits.

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