China National Heavy Duty Trucks Bring Mangazi to Watch TGA

China National Heavy Duty Truck's performance in the past two years "fallen", while the "marriage" with Mann's new generation of products has not yet appeared. Many people in the industry have been concerned that Sinotruck will lag behind in the future heavy truck upgrade competition.

However, this situation may have changed, the reporter recently learned from China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, based on the technology and quality management support the production of heavy truck products - HOWO-T7H and HOWO-T5G will be officially mass sales next year. In addition, China National Heavy Duty Truck will launch a new high-end heavy truck brand next year, while the original heavy truck Haowo brand is mainly located in the low-end heavy truck market.

Cai Dong, general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Cai Dong said at the 2013 business conference that after the listing of MAN Engine Products, CNHTC will complete the overall layout of the high, medium and low market segments in the heavy truck market.

Plan to be questioned for dystocia

In July 2009, Sinotruk sold a 25% 1 share to Mann for EUR 560 million and paid EUR 85 million to acquire the exclusive technology transfer to produce a truck engine that meets the Euro V emission standards. This transaction was not only the second largest overseas investment obtained by the Chinese auto industry at that time, but also a new model of cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies.

In less than one year after cooperation between the two sides, China National Heavy Duty Truck launched the first heavy-duty truck product using the D20 engine, the “Judeka” T7. Such high efficiency has given the industry high expectations for cooperation between the two parties. At the time, CNHTC also hoped to build a new product lineup on the Man TGA platform.

Although the purpose of Sinotruk and Mann's hand in hand is not just a “Judeka” T7, but in recent years, other domestic manufacturers such as Futian, Jianghuai, etc. have successively established joint ventures and successively launched new products to seize the opportunity of upgrading the national IV technology. , heavy truck and Man's TGA platform based on the “childbirth plan” has been missing.

According to the cooperation agreement between the two parties at the time, MAN provided a full set of products on its TGA platform to China National Heavy Duty Truck, including the development of parts and components, axles, a total of 10 types of front axles and 9 types of rear axles from the medium to heavy trucks. Box 4 groups, capable of deriving 4563 models. At the same time, the right to use the production technology of Euro III, Euro IV and Euro V engines on the TGA platform is also included in the cooperation agreement. Moreover, in the next 7 years, no matter what kind of upgrades or improvements made by MAN to the TGA platform will be provided to China National Heavy Duty Truck.

However, there has been no further promotion of cooperation between the two sides. Since last year, China's heavy-duty truck sales have continued to be in a downturn, especially in April this year, the reduction rate reached nearly 60%. Since then, the decline has narrowed from month to month, but it has remained above 20%.

Although Sinotruk increased product structure adjustment in the first half of 2012, its performance was not satisfactory. Heavy truck sales still fell 34.7% year-on-year. At the same time, operating income fell by 34.19% year-on-year, and net profit declined by more than 80%. Sales continued to decline in the third quarter, with a loss of 0.17 billion in the single quarter. In the first three quarters of this year, the net profit was 22,392,100 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 94.15%, and operating income was 14.939 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 27.99%. It is expected that the profit for 2012 will be 181 million yuan, down 50% from 362 million yuan in the same period of last year.

This year, the industry also reported that Sinotruk failed to cooperate with Man, and both parties had once put aside the news that the technology upgrade product plan had been shelved. Analysts believe that the "come-in-time" of Sinotruk's "marriage" with Mann will likely make it lag behind in the future heavy truck upgrade competition.

Start Man series products

However, the Mann series of products that will soon be sold in bulk next year will help China Heavy Duty Trucks to change the passive situation.

The reporter learned from insiders close to China National Heavy Duty Truck that China National Heavy Duty Truck has already phased out components on Steyr platforms other than the engine, and will build a new lineup based on Man’s TGA platform.

In the future, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group will split its trucks into two trucks on the MAN platform, and will produce results at the same time as Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company and Jinan Truck Group Co., Ltd., which will help Sinotruk form core competitiveness in the high-end market and the logistics vehicle market. Among them, the Jinan commercial vehicle company's Man TG series product C7H will be the main attack on imports instead, and Jinan Truck Co., Ltd. launched the T7H will hit the domestic high-end segment of heavy trucks, the latter equipped with domestic Manbridge, frame and engine Other core components are also an extension of Manka's technology. In addition, in the future, the upgraded products based on MAN will use the new brand name “C-truck” and will implement sub-channel marketing with original HOWO heavy truck products.

In this regard, the industry commentator Yu Chen analysis said that because most of the domestic heavy truck companies still use the 1980s technology-based Steyr platform, although the cost has advantages, but with its backward technology to open up overseas markets is Unreasonable, especially in some mature markets, emission requirements have reached the level of Euro IV or even Euro V, and most of the domestic III engines in the country are only transformed from the engines of State II. If they want to continue to upgrade, their basic platforms can no longer carry . The heavy-duty trucks combined with Mann's technology upgrade will solve the technical support issue of heavy-duty trucks in the next 10 years.

However, the market is not optimistic about the performance of the heavy truck industry in the second half of the year or even the next year. Liu Feng, an analyst at Southwest Securities, said: "The heavy truck type as a means of production, its market is good or bad is closely related to the overall macroeconomic situation. At present, China's economic situation is very complex, is still in a critical period of structural adjustment, so we expect the heavy truck market. It is not realistic to usher in a two-year turnaround."

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