The "Lighthouse" in the Darkness - Lighting Vehicle

Lighting vehicles are another important category of modern vehicles. They are mostly used for field operations, emergency rescues, accident repairs, abnormal condition handling, etc., and provide on-site mobile lighting when there are no other lighting sources. As the name implies, compared to other types of vehicles, the lighting car features the ability to provide adequate lighting in the car and where it is needed, allowing nighttime operations, night-time accident repairs as in the daytime, less light, and lighting inconvenience. .


Specifically, the light source of the lighting vehicle is generally a metal halide lamp. The advantage of this type of lamp is that it emits light through the internal air discharge of the light emitting tube, and no broken wire condition occurs, resulting in a long service life. The same power of metal halide lamps and iodine tungsten lamps, brightness and life are far better than the tungsten halogen lamp, but the power consumption is only 1/5 of the iodine tungsten lamp, so for the lighting car selected high-quality light source, It is an important factor for the efficient operation of lighting vehicles .

Lighting vehicles are generally divided into conventional lighting vehicles and ball-type lighting vehicles . The former are mostly used in general roads, closed highways, airports, docks, open-pit mining and other construction sites that require bright, long-distance mining; the latter are more suitable for national roads, open Highways and other places that require safe construction.

Let's talk about its main performance features below.

1, high efficiency and energy saving

The use of aluminum alloy die-casting lamps, light distribution is soft and reasonable, the illumination area is large and the illumination is high, the spotlight adopts the stainless steel stretching lamps, the focal length can be adjusted, and the spotlight or floodlight can be switched, and the irradiation distance is long when concentrating. The overall lighting is taken into consideration. The lighting has a high brightness and a wide range. The Philips lamp has a long life.

2. Flexible and simple working methods

The lighting car can use the generator set to supply electricity directly, and it can also connect 220V ordinary voltage for a long time.

3, easy to operate

With the wireless remote control, each lamp can be controlled to turn on and off within a certain distance. It requires no operation skills and is easy to learn.

4, can be customized

Because the standard configuration of the lighting vehicle can not meet the needs of the user's work, in order to solve this problem, it can generally be adjusted according to requirements in important configurations such as the number of lamps , power, floodlight or condenser.

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