The National Development and Reform Commission once again deployed a special inspection of fertilizer prices

According to news from the National Development and Reform Commission, for the current increase in fertilizer market demand, prices continue to operate at high levels, some fertilizer production and distribution companies take the opportunity to increase prices without authorization, severely disrupting the outstanding issues in the order of fertilizer prices, and stabilizing fertilizer prices, cracking down on price violations in accordance with the law, and protecting farmers. The enthusiasm for grain production, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice in recent days, once again deploy the national price departments at all levels to further carry out special inspections of fertilizer prices, and fully safeguard the market price of fertilizers.
The special inspection starts from late June and ends at the end of September.
The National Development and Reform Commission emphasized that this nationwide fertilizer price special inspection is mainly based on the preliminary results obtained at the beginning of the inspection of chemical fertilizer prices, highlighting inspection priorities, increasing investigation efforts, and standardizing the price order in the fertilizer market. Focus on inspection of fertilizer production enterprises to take extra prices, out-of-the-way charges, and one-for-two goods, and other means, in breach of the provisions of the ex-factory price ceiling, do not implement the factory price increase filing or price adjustment filing system; fertilizer distribution companies increase prices, join hands to resell and break through The provisions of the comprehensive operating rate, the maximum retail price limit and other price violations. At the same time, it will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the state's implementation of various preferential policies concerning the production of electricity, gas, and transportation of fertilizers to ensure the production and supply of chemical fertilizers. At present, special attention must be paid to the supervision and inspection of domestic and imported potash fertilizers with more price increases. To further standardize the order of fertilizer purchases and sales, severely crack down on some chemical fertilizer production, and distributive companies adopt uncollected advance payment, “one-goods and multiple-vote”, false sales, multiple receipts and miscellaneous expenses, as well as adopting adulteration, shortfalls, and shortages. Tying, hoarding and other means, in violation of policy provisions and other unfair price behavior.
According to the requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission, the competent pricing departments at all levels should increase the coverage of inspections, conduct pull-net inspections and follow-up inspections for all fertilizer production and distribution companies, and ensure that inspections do not leave dead ends. All localities must intensify efforts to investigate and deal with cases of price violations that are of a poor nature and seriously damage the interests of peasants, and should be publicly exposed through the news media. We must widely disseminate policy publicity to enable the peasants to understand the country’s policy of benefiting farmers, increase the transparency of the agricultural price policy, extensively mobilize the masses to participate in the social supervision of fertilizer prices, give full play to the role of the 12358 price reporting telephone, and promptly investigate and punish the complaints of the peasants. Report the case. The National Development and Reform Commission will directly inspect the implementation of some fertilizer production and distribution companies' price policies, and send inspection teams to conduct key supervision on certain local special inspections.

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