China has successfully developed a primary source of sewage heat pump system technology

Direct use of urban sewage that low-grade energy for winter heat, summer cooling and domestic hot water supply sounds like a fantasy, but recently in Dalian Economic Commission, Dalian Economic Development Zone Development and Reform Bureau jointly organized It is understood that as a major breakthrough in China's building energy efficiency, Dalian Baoguang pioneered China's primary source of sewage heat pump system technology has been in Dalian Development Zone Friendship Mall successfully run for nearly six months. Liaoning Province Department of Construction responsible person said that the technology after the Organization Committee of Dalian, China Academy of Building Research Professor Wu Yuanwei expert appraisal committee under the strict examination and the user's practical application, the fact that the domestic initiative, the international advanced, and created China's first source of sewage heat pump technology, has great promotional value.

According to experts, the heat pump is an important tool for energy circulation. The rise and application of heat pump technology in the world has been more than 60 years of history, and there are more than 10 years of history in our country. However, due to the lack of land resources in most of the cities in the world, the groundwater resources in cities are scarce, which severely restricts the wide application of water source heat pump and ground source heat pump. As early as in 2001, Dalian Baoguang developed a water source heat pump unit, but due to various reasons, the technology has not been vigorously promoted. In recent years, on the basis of learning from foreign experience, the company has developed a primary sewage source heat pump system, that is, a heat pump system utilizing urban underground raw sewage as a water source.

Each city has industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. The most prominent feature of urban sewage is the warm winter and cool summer. The winter temperature is generally between 14 ℃ and 19 ℃. The summer temperature is stable at about 22 ℃. The water temperature and the water quantity are relatively stable. China's urban sewage volume is huge. In 2006, the national sewage discharge totaled 53.7 billion tons, and it is estimated that it will reach 73 billion tons by 2010. At least 3 billion square meters of building heating in winter can be solved if primary heat source heat pumps are used to recover waste heat from these effluents.

The quality of the raw sewage is complex, mixed with a lot of contaminants. In response to these problems, Dalian Bao light into a large number of scientific research strength and funding, the successful development of a fully automatic sewage decontamination machine and other equipment, not only can effectively filter out the contaminated sewage, but also the filtered contaminants used After the hot sewage is sent back to the trunk of the sewage, it will not cause secondary pollution. At the same time, they also overcome the technical problems such as the thermal resistance of sewage fouling, and realize the heat recovery of sewage water and break the bottleneck of heat pump heating.

According to user introduction, the system's initial investment and operating costs savings are more than 20%. As a machine with three (cooling, heating and domestic hot water), eliminating the need for ordinary central air conditioning cooling towers, boiler room or heat exchanger room heat net and other initial investment; compared to water source heat pump, eliminating the need for well drilling; Save on land and capital costs compared to ground source heat pumps.

Dalian Energy Conservation Association, said the original sewage source heat pump technology is not only energy saving, but also environmentally friendly. Compared with the large-scale coal-fired boilers, primary energy efficiency can be increased by more than 80%, unit heating load electricity consumption can be saved by 10% ~ 50% than that of groundwater sources, which can save 30% ~ 60% operating cost compared with traditional central air conditioning system. Since the entire system does not require a cooling tower, there is no problem of water evaporation and flooding during summer operation, saving over 4,000 tons of water per 10,000 square meters and reducing 4.8 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per 1 tonne of energy used Emissions of large amounts of sulfide, nitride. At the same time, but also completely solve the cooling tower or air-cooled cooler operating noise.

As of the end of 2007, Liaoning Province has 12 cities to promote heat pump technology, the total area of ​​25.5 million square meters.

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