Fast Patent Leads to Accelerate the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

12-block all-aluminum alloy transmission monthly sales rose one after another, 16-block AMT automatic transmission into small-volume production, 20-block domestic first transmission new products favored by the user ... ... a scientific and technological achievements in the successful conversion of Fast , powerfully accelerated The pace of innovation and development of the company. At present, Fast has a total of 49 authorized patents and is in the leading position in the industry.

In recent years, Fast has invested billions of dollars in research and development R&D funds to build innovative platforms and built state-level enterprise technology centers and forging and foundry automation production lines and other advanced levels of R&D and manufacturing bases, and concentrated its advantages on core technologies. In terms of research and development, the company's independent innovation system and technology research and development system will be further improved to provide powerful technology, equipment and technical support for the transformation of results.

Fast has insisted on carrying out mass independent innovation activities, accelerating the promotion of innovative results to a deep level, and further mobilized the enthusiasm of all employees for creativity, creativity, and contribution. At present, as many as 1,100 technological innovations such as energy saving and consumption reduction have been completed by employees. Many of these achievements have won awards for industrial innovation and have become the driving force behind the company's innovation and development. At present, Fast has double intellectual transmission and high-tech dual-shaft transmissions that have reached more than 30 series and hundreds of varieties. The key technologies and core technologies of some independent innovation products have reached the international advanced level, not only breaking the multinational companies. The building of intellectual property barriers, and the formation of a competitive advantage in scale development, heavy vehicle transmission annual sales for five consecutive years ranked first in the world.

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