Development of Performance Measurement and Control System for Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets are an important power plant in the industrial field. Diesel generator sets must be tested for their performance after overhaul. The diesel generator set performance measurement and control system is a computer system based on PC and peripheral hardware equipment to complete the testing of various performance indicators of diesel generators. The hardware part of the system consists of PC, temperature, pressure, power sensor and transmitter, A. /D board, CTC board, I/O board, peripheral circuit, display and other peripheral devices. These devices form two data channels, one is the data input channel from the sensor and peripheral state circuit to the computer, which completes the detection of various performance indicators after the diesel engine is loaded; one channel is from the computer to the peripheral circuit (actuator) A data output channel that controls the actuator to perform control commands to control the diesel generator load reduction and fuel consumption measurement actions. The software function of the measurement and control system should realize a series of interactions with peripheral devices and users to realize data processing such as parameter measurement, fault alarm and silencer. In order to make the software have a friendly and simple operation interface, it is convenient for system expansion and maintenance. We used an object-oriented programming approach to design software systems.

1 hardware structure of measurement and control system according to actual requirements, the parameters to be detected by the system are: water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, ring temperature, fuel consumption, speed, generator shaft temperature, voltage, current, excitation, power, power Factors, three-phase voltage waveforms, etc., controlled equipment: load increase and decrease, fuel consumption meter solenoid valve.

The graph class encapsulates the window process of the test software system interacting with the user. The user can conveniently switch the window to select various functions. The properties and operation definitions of these classes are shown in Table 2.

Table 2 Test, Data Processing, Data File, View Class Definition Attribute Channel Parameter A1 (Object) Operation Parameter Setting Fengna Volume Acquisition Start CTC Operation Process Initialization Parameter Operation Mode File Name Window Process Model, Station Selection Fault Alarm Dynamic Silencing , silencer manual, automatic selection voltage waveform display inquiry print data according to the number of data selection function alarm signal voltage waveform display 2 measurement and control system software design bookmark3 1) measurement and control system object-oriented analysis object-oriented system is composed of interaction Objects (such as data, operations), identify objects to ensure message delivery between objects. In object-oriented programming, tools similar to abstract data types, the software and hardware of the system can be abstracted into the following categories: hardware parts can be abstracted into AI class, DI class, DO class, CTD class, where AI class encapsulates analog The input process of the DI input encapsulates the digital input process of the state circuit. The DO class encapsulates the digital input process. The CTC class encapsulates the initialization process of the timer counter. Its properties and operation definitions are shown in Table 1.

In the implementation code of an object in the program, the operation defined by another object can be called by the message, and the Test object can call objects such as A1, D1, DO, CTC to implement the corresponding hardware functions.

After defining the above categories, the measurement and control system can select different hardware types according to needs, and increase related functions. The inheritance feature in the object-oriented method can derive a new class that implements related functions from the base class, and the derived new class is The data structures and operations declared in the base class can be inherited, and new data structures and operations can be defined, which greatly improves the reusability of the software.

The classes identified by the object-oriented analysis process of the measurement and control system and the relationships between them form the problem domain model, which provides the functionality needed to complete the application. The application is equivalent to a driver module, responsible for the instantiation of the class, through the interaction with the user, receiving the message input by the user and implementing the corresponding function call. The software system is divided into 3 menus: Start, View, Help. Table 3 shows the function of each menu.

Table 3 Measurement and Control System Software Functional Structure Main Menu Function Table 1 AI Class, DI Class, DO Class, CTC Class Definition Class Name A1DIDOCTC Attribute Operation Base Address Initialization Analog Input Base Address Initialization Digital Input Base Address Initialization Digital Output Base Address Initialization Start to view help input (model, station, parameter and other dialog interaction) input power and time, fuel consumption measurement, automatic sampling, manual sampling, stop test, close query, print silence, dynamic silence (can control different parameters of the alarm separately Silencing) About (system messages) The operation and maintenance documents of the measurement and control system are abstractly classified according to the basic functions of the hardware, which is beneficial to the expansion and modification of the system.

The software part of the measurement and control system can be abstracted into measurement and control. Among them, the measurement and control class encapsulates the interaction process of four hardware objects, and can realize parameter setting, analog quantity acquisition, state digital quantity input, start fuel consumption measurement, load increase and decrease control, etc. through operation of each object; data processing type package The parameters initialization, operation mode and other objects can realize functions such as model, station selection, fault alarm, dynamic silence, manual, automatic mode selection, voltage waveform display, etc.; data text is combined with object-oriented technology and compact system hardware. The developed diesel generator set performance measurement and control system has the characteristics of good software reusability, easy hardware expansion and good versatility. The user interface of the software is friendly and easy to operate. In practical applications, the system works reliably and is easy to maintain, and fully meets the design requirements.

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