Sampling representative

Concept: The representativeness of a sample refers to the extent to which the sample or sample taken represents the location or ore body unit (or population) being sampled. Its quantitative representation is analog error or representative error. The representativeness of the sample is divid.......

Classification and role of foaming agents

        I. Flotation requirements and classification of foaming agents

1. The concept of flotation foam and foaming agent:
In the pure water in which the heteropolar surface active material is present, the slurry is aerated to form fi.......

Use shielded and unshielded cables correctly

Use shielded and unshielded cables correctly
More wire and cable knowledge, wire and cable procurement, wire and cable investment related information, please pay attention to the cat cable
The shielded cable and unshielded battles, and which cable prov.......

Analysis of several typical jigging cycles

(1) Symmetrical jigging cycle characteristic curve of piston jig

Sinusoidal relationship between water flow rate and time

In order to raise the bed to the necessary height in the early stage of the rise, a strong rising flow rate is required, b.......

Hua An Ruicheng: Indoor Wireless AP Coverage Solution

Indoor wireless AP coverage scheme
The wireless network makes people's online life more convenient. In the company, at home, you can hold a laptop computer. You can walk anywhere in the smart building. Downloading data and printing documents anytime, anywhere are no longer the.......